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November 1st is just around the corner, and I’m getting ready to start my first experience with writing a novel from start to finish. I’ve begun countless writing projects when I was younger, with vast world building and detailed cultures, religions and even appearances. In fact, I can clearly remember that my creative juices were just as plentiful as my imagination.

I used to think that those days have evaporated with the passing of time and the filling up of the brain with all that immense information download that was my undergrad at University of Toronto. Now I’m convinced that this is not the be all end all, and that I can in fact bring back my productivity to pre-uni levels.

Many authors get asked if they listen to music, while they write. One of my favorite authors, Jacqueline Carey, says she doesn’t listen to music at all. She is also very much a plotter, not a pantser, so I believe that music wouldn’t really influence her writing that much either way. As I start thinking about my own writing, I wonder which path is more to my liking. I know that I tend to write whenever the mood strikes me, but I’ll have to change that habit into a daily routine – starting in November and hopefully carrying on after that. I’d like to think that I’m more of a pantser, and even look forward to listening to specific songs for inspiration.

My main goal is to return to writing as a full-on hobby, especially now that I’ve quit my Master’s program. I do feel much more liberated given that I don’t have the next two years chained down to a required monthly salary (to pay for school and other expenses), or a busy schedule (I would be in school for two years straight due to courses offered every semester) and most importantly, I don’t feel like I’m tied down to a specific career destination. I’m not even sure if I want to stay in education for the rest of my life, and I definitely don’t know (and haven’t had any experience) if I want to do education administration either (which was the M.Ed program).

I really hope that I complete the word count for NaNo. I’m writing this particularly as a reminder for those days when I slack off, or fall behind on my daily word count in the coming month!

The genre completely escapes me. I’m tempted to write fantasy or sci-fi, in only in ode to my childhood stories. Well, that and also the fact that those genres make up the bulk of my own reading! I considered a fun chick lit piece, perhaps inspired by my own life here in South Korea, but I just don’t know if I could do it. Or, I just don’t know enough about fashion brands, or contemporary dating schemes or… whatever else there’s a lot of in those books! I do enjoy an occasional guilty pleasure foray into that section of the bookstore, but definitely not enough to go on for a novel. Romance was another option, but again, I don’t think too fondly about raping the thesaurus for a 1001 words for penis. Or I could just resort to “below the waist” or even “down there” and refer to “body wash smell” and how the guy’s pants would “hang off his hips” a few times each page. I still can’t get over how popular the “Grey” trilogy has become. Simply astounding how such a poorly written excuse of a novel has sold millions! How did any editor in the world allow that to happen…

Anyway, enough of that.

I’m still not sure where to start. Currently, my novel synopsis is quite tongue-in-cheek, although it’s probably not to far off:

“An unusual heroine is the only one who can save her world from utter destruction by an evil force.”

Pretty great, right?

Seriously, now. What to do, what to do. Hmm…

Getting ready for NaNoWriMo

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