The horse’s black hide shimmered before the cold moonlight could capture it in its snare. He threw his head viciously in the air,nearly unseating the dark man riding upon him. Monstrous nostrils gaped out, steam pouring out like from a geyser. His golden eyes pierced my heart.

That night I had decided to follow the path they raced upon, retracing each forbidden hoof print with the delicate flicker of my haunted eyes. Again he caught me unaware, two dark shadows thundering off into the night, just when I dared to blink.

In the dim of dust I followed the slivers of stardust littering the moist earth. All I could see was a dark figure on the horizon, always eluding me. The cool air shimmered with tension and the land was coated with a dreadful silence. I had the sudden urge to look up ahead of me.

My heart skipped a beat.

There they stood, unmoving, less than three strides away. The black stallion snorted, spraying the cold earth with his hot sweat. I gazed up at the rider astride the massive beast. Sharp, cat-like eyes ensnared me, thick black hair framing a pale face. He had caught me staring at him and laughed, a warm light sparked in his eyes before dying. I unconsciously pulled my grimy fingers through my long tangles, looking up at the mesmerizing apparition before me.

“So it was you who was following since that last bend?”

The Highwayman Came Riding


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